First Steps

First Steps

Laurie McCarthy testimonial photo

“I have been working with Ken Lapp on goal setting for my life and business and I highly recommend his services to anyone. His personality and calm tone really help me focus on my goals and problem solving so I can move forward. I am happy to be working with Ken and will continue to do so.”

Laurie McCarthy
Chatham, Ontario

This is how a good coaching relationship starts:

  1. Free Initial Consultation – Contact me about a free initial consultation here. I find Zoom video conferencing best, but we can talk on the phone if you prefer.

  3. During the Initial Consultation – We’ll find goals that are meaningful to you. Maybe you’re considering making a change in your life, or have problems you’re tired of dealing with, or have goals you want to achieve. Everything you say is completely confidential. You can talk about it with anybody you like, but I won’t.

  5. We Choose a Time For Our Next Call – Our coaching calls will be one hour. At the end of our first call we’ll choose a time to talk again. Usually it’s good to talk once a week at a regular time, but I’m flexible. I’ll listen carefully to everything you say, believe in you, and ask questions that bring new awareness to your situation so you can find solutions that feel meaningful to you.

I have a great deal of experience creating and running a successful business, so we can talk about that if you wish. And I’ve found that when your quality of life improves you’re be better at finding solutions to problems, and more effective at making them happen.

I admire anybody who is open to improving themselves because it makes the world a better place. I look forward to speaking with you. 🙂

Warm regards,
Ken Lapp
Breakthrough Spiritual Coach