Breakthrough Spiritual Coach

I was in and out of severe depression for 40 years, and I was able to get back to living a happy, successful life full of love and optimism. If you’d like to feel good about who you are and live a joyful, productive life, if you’d like to figure out what you really want out of life, or if you’re going through a transition such as changing careers or relationships, I can help. Select a free initial consultation on this page or call my cell phone 604-999-5284.

Meaning and Purpose

We all want meaning and purpose in our lives, when work doesn’t feel like work, when you’re excited to get out of bed in the morning and the next thing you know it’s 11 pm, when you’re filled with energy, and you’re making the world the way you want it.

Hiring an experienced guide can take years off your learning curve. We aren’t given a manual on how to live with meaning and purpose. And very few parents are skilled at training their children to solve life problems and find true contentment.

With the right knowledge and action, almost anybody can create a happy, productive, meaningful life.

I wish I’d found an experienced, caring person who would listen to my dreams and believe in my ability to make them real.

I overcame almost insurmountable obstacles on my path out of depression. I became a very spiritual person without being religious. I have peace and joy I never thought was possible, and I’m taking action every day toward meaningful life goals.

I genuinely admire anybody who is trying to improve themselves. That’s the way to make the world a better place. It would be a pleasure to speak with you. Choose a free initial consultation here or call my cell phone 604-999-5284.

Retire on Social Security – Video Course

You can also contact me through our sister website www.kenlappgloballifeskills.com/ to find out about our video course for retired people, our six days a week phoning service, and our personal coaching either individually or in a small group.

Kind regards,
Ken Lapp
Breakthrough Spiritual Coach